Taken” is about a father, which is a retired CIA agent, who tracks and kills everybody who involves in kidnapping and selling his daughter for sexual slavery. I’ve never felt so glad to see bad guys get kicked, shot and killed by a tough father rescuing his lovely daughter. I felt hatred when i saw these criminals abused young women with drugs and sold them as prostitutes. And it was really painful for a father to see his sweetie being bid by some rich men for her virginity.

But guess what, the bad guys are Albanians. I never thought that Albanians are criminals in Paris (the city where the actions taken place), did you? Sometimes i think that┬ámonsieur┬áLuc Besson (the writer of this movie and also the famous French film director) has sentiment to Arab immigrants such as those Albanians. In this film, they are described as cruel persons, young women kidnappers, drug users, and the rich ones seek pleasure from miserable women. What a bloody evil! Is that what the director wants the viewers to think about? I don’t know.

Overall, this movie is full of suspenses, and some good actions. Be careful too with many violence scenes in here. Somehow i felt like watching “Merantau” in English/French version. Same trafficking issues, same practical and deadly martial arts (with same weapon, Karambit), and same mission for a man saving his loved one. “Merantau” was inspired by this? Again, i don’t know. But what i know is, it has been a while since i felt thrilled watching “Merantau”, and “Taken” just brought it back.

So guys, have you watched it?

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2 Responses to Film: “Taken”

  1. I think you get them wrong. Albanians are not Arab imigrants. They’re originated from Southeast Europe.

    Nice review though.

  2. Agung says:

    Oh yes, about Albanians from Europe you’re right, i got it wrong. But still, Albanians in this movie are immigrants. I just easily think Albanians are Arabs since Albanians’ faces in this film are Arab look alike.

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