Saint Clair: Please understand… it was all business. It wasn’t personal.
Bryan: It was all personal to me.
[unloads gun into Saint Clair] – from “Taken

Have you ever been in a situation which makes you feel really guilty about yourself? Things that messed up because what you did or people disappointed because you don’t reach what you should? Well, who haven’t? The problem is some people take it personally. They feel really bad about it and consider themselves stupid or useless. Some might have reached some successful achievement so that they think they won’t fail. In fact, failures just happen to everyone.

Sh*t happens.

Well of course, “nothing is personal” is nothing. Some things like our amoureux or families, are personal. Some others, such as business, aren’t. All we have to do is to put those things in the right manner. Those that might hurt us deeply (ex. downfall, betrayal) aren’t supposed to be considered personally. Failures don’t judge that we are loosers. They are simply just another story in our fulfilled life. We just have to get over them and stand up for success.

Don’t you agree, mate?

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2 Responses to Nothing’s Personal

  1. Arya says:

    Totally agree, mate ;)

  2. Agung says:

    @Arya: Well said, mate ;)

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