Story #1

I have a cheerful and energetic older cousin who has been having a cancer for about a month. Despite the pain and suffer he had, he never stops sending messages to our family’s Facebook page, telling us his treatments, checkups, and hopes. He said that he will keep fighting and never gives up to win his battle against cancer. He asks for prays and supports from all of us. We, those who don’t feel it, amaze by his optimistic way of thinking, as if the cancer is jut another life journey that he must faces. Although the fact that his mother and younger sister passed away when they fought against the same disease.

Now, he still struggles to win and lately i heard that his cancer is still in early stage and very much curable. All of our hopes and prays are always be with you, mas Anto.

Story #2

I had a short session of motivational training this week. It was brought by a senior trainer from TRUSTCO. We used to call this man as ustadz, a kind of title we use to respect some well-known persons who devote their life to spread the message of Islam. His main topic that day was “Smile for Change”. On his first slide, we saw a smiley icon that was modified so that instead of seeing two eyes and a smiling curve, we saw those two eyes turned into two persons’ heads, and the curve was the persons’ hands shaking each other. The training went on and on, but i noticed that he emphasized this same phrase at the beginning and end of his session. He said, “We have to smile for change. And even if it doesn’t change, just smile anyway”. And there he was, keep smiling, and inspired us to role out the changing process we wish to do.

When the training was over, we were told that our smiling trainer is having a blood cancer, Leukemia. When i saw him, at first i didn’t recognize him because he looked thinner than what i remembered. Surprisingly, in his illness, he still managed to look enthusiast. Now i found the connection between what he said about keep smiling and his cancer. I think he will keep smiling for change even he has to do it by struggling against cancer everyday. Our hopes and prays are always be with you too, Ustadz Ade.

Mates, what do you think? Can we still smile too when we have such thing in our life? Let’s pray whatever happens to us, we can always think positive, and never loose our faith to Allah. He will never gives us something that we can’t handle, and we believe that there is always a way out for every challenge. Well, always easier to say than to do…

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