I saw a funny-illustrated imported book at Gramedia Merdeka Bandung’s discount section. It was about arguing why men –as husbands or sons– reluctant to do the house-works.

Several ideas i recalled from the book are:

  • The reasons why most of men are very difficult to be asked to do the house-works,
  • How women –as wives and mothers– eventually do too many house-works and thus feeling bored and exhausted,
  • The fact that many of the home appliances such as washing machine, vacuum cleaner, or automatic dishwasher are electrical and mechanical equipments. Technically, most of men know how to operate these machines better than women. In another word, it should’ve been easier for men to do the house-works using them.
  • Suggestions for women –whom this book was dedicated to— and for men –who happen to read this book because his mother or spouse bring it as a birthday present– how to get husbands and sons do more house-works to help the women they love to do the housekeeping. I saw there are some tricks to make men do these repeated and never-ending works.

Me and my dad have been left for several weeks by mom and my sister for a duty out of town. Yes, you’re right, the men must be hand in hand to manage the households. I did the dirty jobs like washing and ironing clothes, cleaning up the dishes, and sweeping-mopping the floor. Oh, and throwing away garbages. My dad did the cooking and serving dinner. Sometimes he cleaned the dishes, too. And folks, the result is not bad at all. Yeah, the boys made it! But you know what, this is where the consciousness showed up.

Let’s see some frequently done house-works along with their time and energy consumption.

  • Washing and Ironing Clothes:
    • Depends on how many persons in the house, this activity could consume from about an hour until 4-5 hours a day. Usually more clothes to wash on holiday, for instance if when we change the curtains or bed sheets, or after someone just got back from a trip. And what i mean is washing using machine, not by hand. If the later more please to you although it took more time and energy, then it’s OK.
    • Ironing consumes more time than washing. No wonder, by washing machine all we need to do is put the dirty clothes inside, wait till the machine stops spinning, and dry them instantly. While ironing, on the other side, needs more attention to make the clothes smooth and ready to wear. Some type of clothes need more treatments than others, such as jeans, silk, or some women apparels that i found it uneasy to be folded. We usually iron in our living room in front of TV, so that we won’t miss any breaking news while we’re ironing. Yeah, right.
  • Sweeping and Mopping Floor
    • From other house-works, this one is the least interesting. Do you know idea how difficult to keep the floor clean? Even when we sweep and mop it everyday, still it gets dirty even faster. And just like a quote, “You will never clean the floor with the dirty broom”, so does what happens when we’re mopping the floor. If you keep mopping without replacing the dirty water in your bucket, then what you called mopping is actually move the dirts from your porch onto your dining room.
    • It takes time and energy to reach the dirts under the bed or the table until all the rooms are clean. Depends on how many rooms in your house, at least you need to replace the dirty water to ensure the mop does clean the floor.
  • Cleaning Up Dishes
    • Cleaning the dishes approximately takes a half or an hour. Not very difficult to make them shine,but just make sure that you don’t drop your mom’s favorite dish.
  • Cooking
    • I leave this item blanked. Not really good at this. Alright alright, the truth is i can’t cook, just haven’t got any inspiration to learn it. But my friends, i never forget that the best chef in the world is male! Oh dear, here we go again… By the way, does anyone knows who that best chef is?

Doing housekeeping is not simple at all. Everybody in the family should responsible to complete the tasks. Putting all the efforts to women definitely not a wise decision. Let alone if a wife must handle all the works and yet still has to take care the children and dress well for her husband at night. What a tired day she had! Maybe that’s way we called this kind of women as supermom.

Sometimes i wonder how women can do that. Is it because her love and devotion to her family or just because they feel as her husband’s subordinate? Hope not. Have your say, folks.

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2 Responses to House-work is in the house

  1. arry says:

    ‘what a tired day of woman’is occured in common family, so? is it a must reading book for men?

  2. Agung says:

    @arry: probably, but i’ve forgotten the title and it was a long time ago when i saw it, so i think the book is not available anymore, hehe…

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