Honestly, i have plenty of ideas to write here. But due to my lack of discipline in posting them regularly, now all these ideas stuck in my drafts and in my head, of course. So while i’m trying to get my conscious back, let me show you several random pictures i’ve taken during September to early October. No Instagram added. Just pictures with stories behind.

I sketched this early in the morning from a shopping centre across the building.

I admire the design of China Embassy’s rooftop. So…Chinese.

I got this book for free as a gift from Mrs. Ligwina Hananto on Financial Talkshow at Social Media Festival. Beware, it’s provocative! I couldn’t find the photo shoot when i (and two others) received this book next to the stage from @socmedfest’s site gallery, so i can’t post it here. Well, it’s up to you to believe it or not :P

Last but not least, it is an honor to live in the time of Steve Jobs (1955-2011) who passed away early in the morning today. I admired his passion to change the world through business and technology innovation in this century. Not to mention his taste of perfection that gave birth to beautiful Apple products. So many stories about this man. You’ll be remembered, Mr. Jobs. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

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4 Responses to Random Pictures Today

  1. nunu says:

    Hi Gung…kayaknya meskipun kamu sarjana IT tapi kayaknya kamu dominan otak kanan deh…coba di tes…biasanya dalam kelas “creative thinking” aku ngadain tes kayak gini….

    Good taste!

  2. Agung says:

    @mbak Nunu: Thanks :) Waktu dites sidik jari justru katanya saya dominan kiri, tapi saya nggak terlalu percaya karena pada kenyataannya saya lebih enjoy mengerjakan pekerjaan otak kanan :P

    Wah, kalau saya ikut testnya kayanya lulus creative thinking ya, hehehe…

  3. uke sedjati says:

    halooooo Suhu, haloooo mas agung….ikutan nimbruuunnggg…

    btw, gua enjoy deh baca blognya mas agung ini.

  4. Agung says:

    @uke: mbak Nunu itu dipanggil Suhu?? Makasih loh, gw juga enjoy ada komentar baru yang bisa direply, wkwk

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