Yesterday was the first day of English Competition week in XL. It was started at 11.00 am and ended at 13.15 pm, located in our beloved canteen. Out of expectation, a lot of people gathered around the stage to watch the performance. They were supporting their friends and others that performed storytelling, speech, and standup comedy. After every performance, people can vote for the contestant by texting to a certain number.

It was fun, though so far people are still waiting for performance that can make their lunch enjoyable. Laugh for the jokes, entertained by the story, or enlightened by the speech. Well, of course, they have right to laugh or giggle seeing nervous contestants running out of words on stage or just behave odd. But for sure, they saluted all contestants that had nerves to set up their feet on stage and start to talk English. I believe they wish they could do the same.

It was a pity that some of my friends stepped down from the game just because so badly nervous to perform in front of so many people on lunchtime. Too bad, i think, they’ll miss an opportunity to put their mental into test and if they lucky and perform well, they might get a chance to be promoted or assigned to more interesting task involving English skills.

Albeit the positive atmosphere of the competition, some of my coworkers commented that this game supposed to be publicly open for every contestants outside English classes. And also it must clearly defined the exact prizes for the winners, if any. If not, then this is just going to be a volunteer performance.

Nevertheless, just enjoy this week as English week. You may laugh or giggle, but make sure you vote for your favorite talent. See ya on final! :)

(to be continued with pictures attached…)

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