My very first desire in playing ukulele (a.k.a ‘uke’) was because this Google’s video, Project Glass. Checkout the last minute where the man played a romantic scene to his girlfriend with his uke and the sunset.

It was played in an event at my company. It’s funny to think that your interest was started as a coincidence, huh? Well nope, it was actually not that came-from-nowhere thought. It just came at the right moment.

As I’ve told before about my latest unsuccessful event, i decided not to love that hobby that much anymore. Besides, it took dedicated time and place to conduct such sport. Let alone some extra energy that i must provide to be able to play around 2 hours after office twice a week. If it wasn’t love of the game, i definitely wouldn’t do that. Suddenly, the week after that event was a busy one. No more time to play ball. I lost my game, my fun game.

On the other side, I’ve left my guitar quite a while at the corner of my room. It was almost a year since my last time playing classical compositions on it. I’ve lost my skill that i gained unease years ago. Sad, but it’s true. They were right when they said that it took dedicated time to master musical instruments. Reading musical notes and practice them part by part is no longer an option. It requires fresh mind with stamina, something i don’t posses after spend 8 hours a day. But I’m pretty sure i still need music to get my life balanced. In a simpler and more fun way.

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Then the video came. Uke, a small instrument that most people underestimate. I did too, before i see that uke seems like my best options for the moment. It is as small as a full size violin, the one I’ve played before, too. It’s portable that makes you so easy to carry it along with your trip to the beach or mountain. And it is played like playing guitar, the difference is only on the strings arrangement. The most charming part of uke is its beautiful Hawaiian and beach tone. Every time you play it, you just can’t stop thinking about beach and its peaceful sound. So relaxing.

This is the instrument that can easily make people entertained. Gather around the player and sing along together. I just had a thought that if only every family had an instrument, then uke would be the one. It brings joy and happiness. So if you can play uke, people will consider you’re a happy person and wait for you to play songs for them. One thing for sure, uke makes you happy before you do the same to others.

Last but obviously, not least, i can enjoy playing this beautiful song that perfectly tuned for ukulele, Beyond The Sea. Happy strumming, folks! :)

(to be continued with pictures)

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