For most of our fellow Indonesians, ukulele (‘uke’) is something that oftentimes we see being played by street musicians. Various in colors, often seen as red or blue, and producing strident sound. Mostly they were poorly made and strummed as accompaniment for singers with poor voices, too. So this is a quick-captured image of this instrument.

Now check this out. At first sight, you wouldn’t believe what this guy, Jake Shimabukuro, can do with his tenor uke. He was playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

Or perhaps you want something that’s entertaining like this guy, James Hill, playing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

Cool, isn’t? Now are you still thinking that uke only belongs on the street? Wait until you see this uke orchestra. Oh, yes.

Don’t you think that uke along with the player is being underestimated so far? Well that’s okay, probably that’s the biggest risks of being smaller brother of guitar. Or probably because we’ve only seen it’s played in one of our traditional music genre, keroncong, like this one (listen to that unique rythm’s sound brought by uke).

Well, at least now i get your attention on this instrument, no? You bet i do, cause even this small kid knew how to play Train’s Soul Sister. Enjoy :)

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