Remember what I said earlier here, “See you on final!” ? Well thankfully it’s true. I made it to the final and won the first place in Story Telling category. Below are my journeys through the competition from the first performance until the final day.


First Day, Story Telling, featuring “Albert Orangutan and The Monkey”

I chose this story because it’s funny and unique since it’s written in the form of poetry. So it has rhyme at the end of the sentences, made me easier to remember each of them and how they build the story altogether.

Then one day a monkey came to town
He was wearing the most beautiful gown
And all that passed had to stop and stare
At the best dressed animal that ever stood there

Word flew in a flash as fast as lightening
Albert was angry, it was a little bit frightening

Here’s my performance on that day after borrowing Deedee’s thurban, an idea that was just came to my head a minute before i was called to the stage. After wearing that red maroon thing on my head, i declared myself as “The Story Teller from 1001 Arabian Night Tales”. Not bad, eh?

So far i think this was my best story telling performance. Can be better, but obviously the additonal costume did help me a lot Senyum After the show, I should’ve announced my part time job as story teller for kids, in case some parents needed one Senyum dengan mulut terbuka


Second Day, I tried another category, Speech, featuring “Happiness at Work”

This speech was inspired by Swasembada magazine that featured the same topic, so i didn’t find so much difficulties collecting the data and elaborating ideas. Thanks, Swa!

Besides, compared to other topic regarding company’s spesific strategy and culture, this one was much more interesting and less boring, wasn’t it?Senyum dengan mulut terbuka I loved the part when i yelled to the audience, asking them to shout after my line,

“Are you ready to become artists and to be happy for your job ?!“


Yeah, right Senyum dengan lidah terjulur Haha…

But I didn’t make it to win the speech’s final ticket, but i came as a finalist in story telling category. Well, i think it is unfair to let one man won two categories at the same time, right? Haha, i’m kidding. At least i’ve tried to perform two different types of public speaking in a single competition. And story telling was more interesting than speech.


Final Day, Story Telling, performing “The Interesting Most Boring Man in the World”

Believe me, i chose this story not because i wasn’t that different with Thiery. Wait…, or did I? Senyum dengan mulut terbuka Afterall, i think it’s okay to become one of the most boring men in the world as long as you’re famous for that Senyum dengan lidah terjulur 


The result: I WON THE FIRST PLACE in Story Telling category !! Alhamdulillah Senyum dengan mulut terbuka

Here are the Winners (and spectators) from all categories: Speech, Story Telling, Stand Up Comedy, and Drama:

The lady sitting gracefully in the middle was our English teacher and the host for the show. She was so happy having her students dared to take the challenge performing public speaking. Thank You Dee, it couldn’t be better without you Senyum dengan mulut terbuka 


That’s all, folks. Let’s see if i want to sign up for Stand Up Comedy next year Senyum

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