I went off on Sunday for a day trip to Sumedang, West Java from Jakarta, to attend my friend’s wedding. It was my first time, and I planned to get there by public transports, in this case, inter-city bus.


I started my journey from Karet Kuningan to Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal, Eastern Jakarta. I took a busway from Karet to Dukuh Atas, then switched to Dukuh Atas 2 to Matraman, then from Matraman to Kampung Melayu, and last, Kampung Melayu to Kampung Rambutan. It took about 1 hour to complete in a less busy day like what I had.

Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal, Eastern Jakarta

There are two types of terminal in Kampung Rambutan, one for city bus, and the other is for inter-city bus. Since I wanted to go to Sumedang, then I chose the latter. Many ticket scalpers offering help on my way to the terminal. Just ignore them politely, and don’t be looked confuse although this is your first visit to the terminal. I found out later that these scalpers were targeting passengers who were willing to go to Sumatera or Central/East Java. For those who wanted to go to nearer destinations like Sumedang or Tasikmalaya, buying the ticket from the locket was unavailable. All I needed to do was got on to the bus and pay it on the go. No ticket was given.

At the time I arrived, there was only one bus headed to Sumedang, which was Cahaya Bakti Utama (CBU), that cost Rp. 35.000 (Economy Class). The bus was OK, full AC, and the one thing I noticed was both the exteriors and interiors were predominantly green. The most unpleasant thing was, although the bus was parked from 9 am, but for so many reasons it merely left the terminal at 11.30 am. Most of that time was waiting for passengers, while giving a chance for so many roundsmen to got on and off the bus, selling everything from wallets, drinks, snacks, toys, books, magazines, or even sandals. They kept coming interchangeably with street singers that performed songs or even poetry. I didn’t count the exact numbers, but I estimated about 20-30 of them.

Padalarang 2

After leaving Kampung Rambutan and entered the toll road, it took an exit at Padalarang 2 near Kota Baru Parahyangan (View Larger Map). Turned around and pulled over near the toll gate. Again, the driver waited for passengers who wanted to go to the bus’ next destination such as Jatinangor or Tanjungsari, Sumedang. The ritual happened again. Passengers, roundsmen, and street singers for almost 1 hour. I was wondering how the driver managed himself to hold on for such a long wait. After the hustle bustle ended, the bus continued its journey, passed Padaleunyi toll road and exited at Jatinangor, where one of the famous state university, Unpad, is located. This way straight to Cicadas Pangeran, Tanjungsari, Sumedang where numbers of passengers got off the bus.


Ciakar Terminal, Sumedang

I got off at Ciakar Terminal (View Larger Map), situated at Jalan Prabu Gajah Agung, which I thought the place where the bus will stop. Because this terminal was the only place I was familiar with from Google, I stopped there, leaving the bus that continued to I-didn’t-know-where. It was 15.30 pm, 4 hours since it left the terminal. From there I took a minibus, headed to Kecamatan Situraja, Desa Mekarmulya. I saw many green paddy fields along the way, it was quite relaxing. It cost Rp. 7.000 and 20 minutes to Kantor Kecamatan Situraja, not far from my friend’s house. I got on a motorcycle and paid Rp. 5.000. I met my friend, wished her and her husband best wishes, smalltaks and dinner, then prayed. It was a quite village, very suitable for new couples Senyum

I insisted to go back to Jakarta afterward, although my friend’s mother offered me to stay overnight. A good offer, but perhaps next time, because I needed to catch up the time so I could return to Jakarta before midnight. Since no more minibus operated that night, my friend and her husband sent me off by car to Kota Sumedang where I could get a minibus that headed to Cileunyi toll road, passed the opposite from the way I came: Tanjungsari, Cicadas Pangeran, Jatinagor, and Cileunyi. It cost Rp. 8.000.


Then all I had to do was waited for a bus from Garut or Tasikmalaya to Jakarta. I didn’t have to wait for long, because there was Primajasa Bus from Tasikmalaya stopped near the toll gate (View Larger Map), waiting for passangers like me. I had a back seat and paid Rp. 26.000 to Cililitan, Eastern Jakarta. The bus was good, better than the one I used from Kampung Rambutan. It reached the terminal almost midnight, so I took a taxi from there to Karet that cost Rp. 30.500.

And that was my first and trial trip to Sumedang without knowing what was to expect before. Alhamdulillah I can returned safely. In every journey, there’ll always be new thing to learn about other people and cultures, food, and eventually, new inspirations. Got to sleep now, it’s late midnight, already. Thanks for reading this, see ya! Senyum dengan mulut terbuka

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2 Responses to A Day Trip to Sumedang

  1. It was a long journey, men…hehehe…but i want say : “welcome to Situraja, Sumedang, West Java.

  2. Agung says:

    @Nandian Mareta: long indeed, but it’s okay if it’s still in Indonesia, hehe. Nuhun sudah mampir, kang :)