Meal time on a flight is always a delightful moment, at least for two obvious reasons.

First, the beautiful stewardess came to you, asking politely with her soft tone, what you’d like to eat. Somehow you felt a bit guilty on how she looked at you after waking from a long nap. She dressed and looked as fresh as the first time you saw her 8 hours ago, while you, on the other hand, stillĀ  hardly trying to open you eyes. You wondered and asked God, whether the lady is your dream coming true.

Second, you simply couldn’t wait to taste that delicious nasi uduk with beef, served with milk, fresh fruits, cakes, strawberry yoghurt, and orange jelly. They tasted just like how they named the tissue, ‘refreshing’!

Wait, I got the third. This is when the lady came back to you after walking down the alley and asked you, ‘Would you like to have more drink?’. I looked at her, then smiled and nodded gracefully, ‘Yes, please’.

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