On my recent visit to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, less than a month ago, me and most of my male friends were fascinated by the beauty of Turkish women. We’re talking about young women, so far. Some were distracted, while some others felt grateful to see Allah’s great creations. Me, on the other hand, I prefer both. So, we came into conclusion that their genes are combinations from (at least) best of two worlds, Arabic and Europe. Such quick evaluation were based only by seeing their faces, of course. Weren’t we a good observer, or what? :)

This issue continued until our flight back to Jakarta by Etihad, an airlines based on Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. We heard that the cabin crews are originated from UAE countries. The hair is blonde, the skin is white, but the face is Arabic. Pretty combination, no? And since Etihad, like Emirates (Qatar) is famous for serving first class flight, though we took economy seats, we expected the best service.

But there was something surprising while the aircraft prepared for take off. As usual, the flight attendants were checking passenger’s cabin luggage, making sure that all top compartments were closed and safely locked. Suddenly, a stewardess reached a top compartment by stepping her right foot on a left side of a passenger’s seat. She meant to gain more pressure to close the lid by doing so. The passenger whose felt his seat was pressed by her foot, turned his head and… he found himself looked closely on her hips down. ‘Astaghfirullah!’, then he quickly turned back his head. And you know what? The male passenger was our ustadz!

Like any ordinary man, the man should felt uncomfortable. But the question was, was it polite for a cabin crews to step on a seat to close the lid? Or was it too high, or too heavy so that she couldn’t close it normally? I didn’t know, I didn’t asked her. All I thought that It was not polite. During flight, everything went well. Meal were fine. Only some minor events when elderly removed their seat belts, rose from their seats and went to a toilet nearby while the seat belt sign were on. They weren’t aware of that sign, so frequently the stewardess asked them to return to their seats.

When I was home, I created new connections of scattered ideas in my head. Whether Turkish airlines were valued for their top airline services, by having beautiful Turkish ladies as their cabin crew? From few resources on the net, I found this top 10 list of most beautiful flight attendants. It is unofficial, but the opinion reflects how ‘beautiful’ is measured. Is it only a matter of pretty faces? Good news, it’s not!

Check out how Singapore Airlines (SQ) tops many major airlines like Emirates, Etihad, or Virgin Atlantic. How come Singapore Girls wins over Arab or British Girls? Is it only because Asian beauty is more preferable? Nope, and here’s the answer: hospitality! It is how well they behave and serve their customers. Some people said that by nature (and culture?), Asian women are better in serving others. That includes  the smile, gestures, and even voice. That simply makes people look even more beautiful, right? And that also means I wouldn’t expect one of them step on my seat to lock the open lid.

Beauty is defined in so many languages, at least more than just a look. Let’s just quote a tagline from a healthy vitamin drink, “Beauty inside, fresh outside”. Whatever that means. And by the way, visit Turkey, anyone? :)

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9 Responses to Beauty in The Air

  1. setiya says:

    Hmmmmmm.. Kasihan pak ustadz..
    Padahal waktu mau take off dari jeddah ke abu dabi ada tragedi yg mengejutkan pak ustadz di depan toilet..

  2. Agung says:

    @setiya: he? tragedi apakah?

  3. setiya says:

    Waktu mau take off ada seorg ibu Dr Biro laen yng masuk toilet.
    Mungkn karena tidak tahu, ibu Tadi buang air kecilnya tidak di toilet duduk tp malah jongkok dan pintu toilet tdk ditutup.
    Karena toilet tdk tertutup rapat, pak ustadz masuk toilet dan kaget.
    Sy yg posisi duduk paling belakang dengar pk ustadz bilang, ‘ibu, pintunya ditutup!’

  4. Agung says:

    @setiya: Harusnya waktu manasik juga ada petunjuk penggunaan fasilitas umum yang nggak biasa di Indonesia, khususnya buat orang tua.

  5. setiya says:

    Hmmmmmm good idea..
    Tp klo dilihat kenyataan kmrn kayaknya Ga memungkinkan. Soalnya ustadz zaenal ke skh ngasih Bimbingan manasik cuma 1 hari. Itu dah full seharian dan masih kurang bgt.
    Klo yg dari jkt manasiknya brp kali mas?

  6. Agung says:

    @setiya: di Jakarta juga sehari. Tapi yang ideal harusnya kan lebih dari itu, apalagi kalau banyak peserta yang baru pertama umrah dan baru pertama ketemu dunia ‘lain’ selain negara sendiri :)

  7. setiya says:

    Yup.. Saya sendiri Tanya ke saudara2 n tmn2 yg pernah naek haji..
    Alhamdulillaah ada teman kuliah yang pernah naik haji ngasih tahu apa yg harus dibawa kesana, Hal2 penting yg dilakukan disana sampe Hal2 kecil yg kadang terlewatkan seperti bagaimana kalau bertemu org2 di Q.S. Al-Falaq. Karena disana kan sy ngawal bpk ibu, jd musti benar2 sigap (bak paspanpres ngawal presiden, hehehe)
    tanah suci memang tempat yang ngangenin. Pokoknya harus bisa balik kesana lagi ya mas! Semangat!

  8. setiya says:

    Baru aja lihat siaran langsung sholat maghrib di masijidil haram, lanjut lihat thowaf, sai, dan lihat orang2 yg sedang buka puasa kamis, lihat orang turkey, Nigeria, lihat askar,… Huaaa..pengen disana lagi..

  9. Agung says:

    @setiya: Pastinya pengen,

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