I am so glad to have these kinds of practice to activate my right brain. It is unfair to let this brain off while I expose my left brain too much. Wait, I put it wrong. My left brain has exposed me too much, not the other way around. Don’t you feel the same? Anyway, it is surprising that how much I feel ‘awake’ after I did some simple practices like moving my left thumb together with right little finger and vice versa.

Writing with left hand is also very appealing. I’ll get the hang of it so later I can write with my left. Let’s start simple like writing my own name, then my autograph, then my journal. It’ll only take 3 months, then I’ll have the skill, which is very neat. Just like the character ‘Viru Sahastrabuddhe’ in ’3 idiots’. That man can write an equation on the blackboard with his both hands at the same time. One completes another.

Another challenging one is reading upside down. Yup, difficult at first, but gets better over time. And I do it on purpose, not like this guy who did it as a fake sympathy to children. Remember below picture? Look at the book he’s holding in his hand. Wait, maybe he was practicing his right brain after all. Err, nope.

Hopefully I can manage my boredom by doing such tiny activities. Let’s bring the fresh start for the brain. You ask me, ‘Why?’ What?? Don’t you get it? Brain is the smartest organ in our body (out of question!). Why would you want to make him bored? Your successful life depends on that guy’s thinking. So beware, treat him (or her, for those who have female-type brain) right, and in return, he (or she) will make your life easier. By doing more smart thinking over challenging problems. So now, whose brain is more exciting? And whose brain is more boring? Aha, trick question. You tell me!

Oh, I almost forget the last one. Just take a nap. It will wash the bored brain away. This one is my all time favorite :)

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